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Blocked Drains. Slow, smelling, gurgling, overflowing or just plain blocked drain? SP  Plumbers Brisbane specializes in clearing your blocked drains. All SP Plumber Brisbane have all the equipment to clean or clear your drains and if they can’t be cleared, we can look after replacing them as well.

There are many common factors that contribute to a blocked drain, Grease, dirt, hair, tree roots, renovations and a range of organic substances accumulate in drains building in the lead up to a blockage.plumbers brisbane

Whatever the cause of your Blocked Drain, SP Plumbers Brisbane can guarantee to fix it in the most cost effective way for you to prevent future ongoing problems that become expensive with, NO STRESS NO MESS AND NO DIGGING, saving you the headache, time, money and your landscape.


CCTV camera (drain camera)

SP Plumbers Brisbane , will carry on all blocked drain services in all areas of Brisbane with assured criteria to work out the best cost effective solution for you. Our plumbers will try to save you money and your landscape; we may use a pipe locator (radio transmitter) above ground to make an evaluation before any unnecessary digging or costs involved.A drain camera may be used to help our qualified plumbers find the exact cause of a drain problem, so we can offer you an accurate solution for our drain plumbing service making the drain clearing process quicker and easier.
Drain Camera Inspection is highly recommended if you have an ongoing problem of having to clear your blocked drains because it will allow our highly trained Brisbane plumbers to evaluate the problem. The Drain Camera Inspection procedure will insure our plumbers get to the bottom of the issue and rectify it with the most cost effective solution to prevent future problems.


Trenchless Pipe Reline

If we have to pipe reline we use the latest technology of relining your pipe within a new one without having to dig with an excavator causing damage to your gardens, landscape, patios or driveways again saving you money on structural creations and excavation hire. We put your mind at ease. Read more on our page about trenchless pipe relining for a more detailed summary of exactly how pipe relining can be done without the use of excavation and damage on your property.

Jet Blasting

A trolley mounted high pressure jetting machine for removing grease, sludge and debris from stormwater and sewer pipes up to 225mm diameter. SP Plumbers Brisbane uses latest technique to unblock and clean pipe work by Jet Blasting.

Specializing in clogged tough to clear drains, it’s superior because SP Brisbane Plumbers use high pressure water to flush tree roots and other debris out of the pipe line rather than push it further in, as many older techniques do.

This efficient and cost effective way, the debris is completely removed from your line, and your chances of blockage in the future are minimized.

Each of our custom built Jet Blasting service trailers are equipped with a 20 horsepower Jet Blasting machine, capable of water pressures up to 5,000psi. Connecting to a normal garden tap, these machines can reach over 60m and come with a variety of nozzles for use in 20mm to 225mm pipes.

Unlike an Electric Eel which depends on the machine that powers it for its energy, Jet Blasters get all their energy from the nozzle at the end of the hose. This means that when combined with the use of a root cutting turbine, a drain cleaned by a high pressure Jet Blaster is left 30% cleaner than one cleaned using an Electric Eel.

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